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You made Horsefeathers so happy!

Dear Sandy and Lisa,
You are both angels! What you have created generates joy and good will in so many places, with many more to come. It was such a pleasure today to make the Horsefeathers crew so happy. Thanks so much to you both for all of your many hours of work and for the opportunity to nominate Horsefeathers.
I look forward to future meetings to learn about and contribute to more worthwhile organizations.
Stacee Solotorovsky
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Sandy,Lisa,and Stacee came to Horsefeathers to "check us out"for a possible donation in the future. You can only imagine my shock and surprise when they gave me/Horsefeathers

a gift box with $5,000.00 in checks. Instead of answering questions all I could do was say THANK YOU.

Again I say thank you from all of us including those we serve.

Thank you from Horsefeathers

Dan Knautz

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