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We Provided Medical Care for Gemma and Milo through Donations to CRISP!

Hello Women Giving Back! When Joyce and Sandy let me know that we weren't chosen but that you all wrote us checks anyway, it absolutely made my day! Your group is so special and making an incredible impact and we're honored to be part of that. We used your donations this month to help two dogs, and I wanted to share their stories. Little Gemma needed help with an ear infection, skin infection, and growth removal. Milo (picture below) ate a toy and had an obstruction that needed emergency surgery. The owners couldn't afford the whole surgery, so we helped them pay for it and got him neutered! All our pet owners are experiencing financial hardship, but still pay what they can. Together we were able to save both these great dogs! Thank you so much for your donations, I'm so happy to share both pets are back home where they belong! Best, Heather -- Heather Owen, JD | One Tail at a Time Executive Director, Co-Founder (she/her/hers)

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