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Thank you from Normal Moments

Hi Sandy,

I know I’ve expressed it a few times already, but one more time, THANK YOU!

Thank you for creating Women Giving Back.

Thank you for welcoming me to present on behalf of Normal Moments.

Thank you for receiving and compiling all the beautiful donations from your group.

Thank you for being so caring, so compassionate, and so active with it all!

You truly have made a literal make-or-break moment a win for this “little” nonprofit that supports nearly 300 of the most amazing families ever. Every time it snows this winter, I’m going to think of you and of Women Giving Back, and I am going to smile because YOU are the reason we’ll make it through the “COVID-winter”! With Gratitude, Tricia Patricia Fragen Founder/President 630.888.8111 or 847.308.810

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