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Thank you from Curt's Cafe!

Sandra and 100 Other Amazing Women,

What an amazing surprise we received from you last week.  I was so shocked I couldn't find the words to properly thank you until now.  I just took the checks out of the safe to deposit them and I continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity.  As you know your checks will be used to open our location in Highland Park so we can help the young adults in Waukegan and North Chicago.  This is an area that I would have chosen to work with even before Evanston but I thought trying out the concept in the area I lived would be safer for all concerned.  But now we are ready and with your generous support we will hopefully be able to make it happen sooner than later. 

Our program is designed to support the most needy young men and women (15 - 24 years old) and our goal is to build hope and possibilities in their lives.  We do this through life and job training but as I have said more than once we honestly do it with Love.   Your Love gives me strength to do my work and I can't wait to share with you the successful stories that will come from the seed you planted.

Thank you again.  I look forward to meeting all of you in the Spring or if you ever have time to visit us in Evanston please let me know so I can swing by your table and give you a hug if I'm in the Café. 

Many Many Thanks and Much Love and Peace throughout the holiday season and into the New Years. 

Susan Garcia Trieschmann

Curt's Cafe on Central Street, Evanston

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