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Meeting: November 7, 2017

Selected Charity: Curt's Cafe

Nominated by Amy Plotnick

Curt's Cafe is a charity whose mission is to improve outcomes for young adults living in at-risk situations by providing work and life skills training.  Curt's stands for  "Cultivating Unique Restaurant Training".  Their student-trainees, ages 15 through 24 years, are living in at-risk situations such as having contact with the judicial system, being homeless, food insecure or having dropped out of school. They are taught life and food service skills then assisted in finding employment. Curt's has two locations in Evanston and plans to open a third spot in Highland Park.

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Nominated Charity: GLASA - the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association

Nominated by Kim Mann

GLASA promotes and supports the optimal development and well-being of youth, adults and military veterans who have a physical or visual disability through the provision of inclusive recreation, fitness, and competitive sports activities.

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Nominated Charity: Penny's Angels

Nominated by Nancy Elliott 

Penny's Angels is a chapter of the Leukemia Research Foundation, formed by the family and friends of Penny Brandwein, dedicated to conquering all blood cancers by funding research into their causes and cures and enriching the quality of life of those touched by these diseases. 

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