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Selected and nominated charities

Meeting: Nov 29, 2022

Thank you for giving!  

This was our 15th meeting and the seventh on Zoom. We had a great turnout and thank you to everyone for attending and giving so generously to three causes: our selected charity (Lurie Children's Hospital NICU-Cardio Neurodevelopment Program: Early Children Clinic) and our runner-ups: the National Association of Hispanic Nurses - Illinois Chapter, and the Will Hicks Charitable Association

We raised a total of $16,492 which included donations to our selected and runner-up charities.

  • 54  people donated a total of $10,600 to the NICU 

  • 19 women donated a total of $1,636 to the National Association of Hispanic Nurses 

  • 19 members donated $1,500 to the Will Hicks Charitable Association 


Previous winners also received donations as our members generously gave end-of-the-year donations.

Thanks for your generous donations! 


Erin Coleman, Director, Major Gifts for Lurie Children's Foundation opening the box of our checks

Meet the NICU-Cardio Neurodevelopment Program: Early Children Clinic

Nominated by: Barbara Pinzur

Lurie Children’s Hospital provides a comprehensive outpatient follow-up clinic to evaluate intensive care graduates from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) – the NICU-Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program’s Early Childhood Clinic. Infants who have spent time in an intensive care unit for medical conditions, birth complications, prematurity, or heart surgery may need some extra developmental support as they grow.


The Early Childhood Clinic supports a child’s development from infancy through the preschool years, to help children reach their full potential. After age 5, children can transition to the NICU-Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program's Child and Adolescent Clinic for further support during the school years.

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