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Selected and nominated charities

Meeting: July 23, 2018

Selected Charity: GirlForward

Nominated by Cathy Wilson

GirlForward is a charity located in Rogers Park/Edgewater that provides a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for refugee girls ages 14 to 21.  These girls and their families have been displaced globally by conflict and persecution.  Through three core programs, GirlForward addresses the biggest challenges faced by refugee girls: poverty, limited and disrupted education, language barrier, social isolation, and trauma.  It provides mentoring, tutoring, and socialization skills while being a safe place for these girls to begin their lives in the United States in a challenging time. 


Recognition for GirlFoward: 

August 2013: CNN Heroes--Blair Brettschneider

April 2015: Reader's Digest "Best of America"

November 2015: Chicago Magazine: one of
best charities in Chicago

January 2017: Forbes 30 Under 30--Blair Brettschneider

Crain's Chicago Business: 20 In Their 20s 2017--Blair Brettschneider


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Nominated Charity: Working Bikes

Nominated by Barri Colman

Working Bikes is a charity located in Chicago that refurbishes and donates over 6,000 bicycles a year.  Bikes are distributed to individuals and partner organizations in Chicago, providing transportation to people in homeless transition, refugee resettlement, and youth empowerment. Working Bikes also donates bikes to partners throughout Latin America and Africa.  To date, Women Giving Back Illinois members have donated six bikes!  

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Nominated Charity: The Way Back Inn

Nominated by Nancy Redd

The Way Back Inn and Grateful House serve adult men and women who are suffering from alcohol, drug, and gambling dependence. The Way Back Inn and Grateful House have recovery programs in Oak Park, Maywood, Forest Park, Melrose Park, and Chicago, Illinois.



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