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Selected and nominated charities

Meeting: September 23, 2021

Thank you for giving!  

This was our 12th meeting and the fourth on Zoom!  We had a great turnout and thank everyone for attending and giving so generously to both the selected charity (Bounce Children's Foundation) and the runner-up (Center for Independent Futures)

We raised a total of $8,150!


  • 50 people donated a total of $5,100 to Bounce Children's Foundation.

  • 25 women donated a total of $2,600 to the Center for Independent Futures

  • Plus additional donations of $100 for Some Assembly Required and $350 for Our House of Hope -- remember, it's NEVER too late to donate to one of our past charities.


Meet Bounce Children's Foundation

Nominated by: Rita Schneider


The mission of Bounce Children’s Foundation is to transform the lives of chronically ill children and their families, shifting them from surviving to thriving.  Bounce’s unique portfolio of highly effective, free programs, builds the resilience needed to cope with the ongoing, unexpected setbacks that define chronic illness. Integrating an innovative combination of family adventures, education to strengthen vital coping skills, donated tickets to high demand events, themed care packages for housebound families, access to resources, and continual peer support, Bounce creates a warm and welcoming community of fun & friendship, encouragement & hope.

Download the Bounce Basics brochure

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Meet the Center for Independent Futures


Nominated by: Karen Berkowsky

The Center for Independent Futures, based in Evanston, IL, was established to help individuals with disabilities and their families, educators, and agencies plan, support, and sustain more fulfilling lives. CIF creates sustainable solutions through community living options, personal networks, and lifelong planning and education, tailored to support individuals and families as well as schools and agencies.

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