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It Takes a Village. Thank you. 

A special note from Sandy

We've raised over $100,000 together!

It takes a village. Everyone who has generously donated to one of our charities has brought us to this milestone. Many people give to more than one charity and I am truly grateful. We've gotten to know amazing charities that are doing great work and assisted them through your donations.  


I especially want to thank Lisa Dembo, who galvanized me to form Women Giving Back, so that I finally stopped talking about it, and took action.  Though she is no longer involved, I appreciate her time and input very much.  I’m indebted to Cathy Wilson, who designed and maintains our amazing website and gives me technical support. I also want to thank Karen Berkowsky who hosts our Zoom meetings.  Without Cathy and Karen, I wouldn’t have been able to continue Women Giving Back through the pandemic. 


Thank you all so much.



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