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Welcome to Women Giving Back Illinois     

Presenting our donation to the Center for Independent Futures
(l) Ann Sickon, Executive Director and (r) Megan Madigan, Program Director

We support local charities doing great things! 

Presenting our donation to the Center for Independent Futures
(l) Ann Sickon, Executive Director and (r) Megan Madigan, Program Director
Donations to date (10 meetings): $75,858
Next Zoom meeting: Monday, June 14 @ 7 PM
Meet our selected charity: Normal Moments
Runner-up: Northfield Township Food Pantry

Total Donations - $8,956!
Once again, we had two important charities nominated for our November meeting.  After two heartfelt presentations, our members chose Normal Moments. 

The close vote between Normal Moments, which came out on top, and the Northfield Township Food Pantry prompted 31 members to donate to each charity. 


53 people donated a total of $5,286 to Normal Moments, which includes one member's company – thank you Ilene- that matched her gift.     


35 women donated a total of $3,370 to the Northfield Township Food Pantry. Additionally, we dropped off an SUV load of food and large size children's diapers which are always in short supply to the Food Pantry.   


Finally, two members donated a total of $200 to Our House of Hope Rescue, which received our donations of pet food that we collected, and another donated $100 to one of our previously selected charities, Girl Forward.  


The grand total raised was $8,786.00.   In 10 meetings, we've raised $75,688, not counting donations in kind. I never dreamed that starting this group would make such a difference and everyone who has donated can be proud of that! 

THANK YOU again to all who sent in checks and dropped off groceries, diapers and pet food to me as well. Our WGBIL members continue to amaze me with their generosity. This meeting raised the second-highest amount in dollars for worthy charities  Thank you so much!   


PS:  We'd love to have new members! Do you know someone who would enjoy becoming a micro-philanthropist?  If so, tell them about the important work we do and then send the to our website and have them Contact Us.  

For Nov 19 meeting details...

Meet Normal Moments

Normal Moments is devoted to supporting parents with critically ill children in the home, in the hospital, and via web resources so that they can spend as much time as possible sharing the most normal moments possible with their children.

They achieve this goal by alleviating the home stresses while parents sit with their hospital-bound child, by providing them with experienced resources to whom they can vent or who can be used as sounding boards either in person or by telephone, by reducing some daily cares such as...

  • housecleaning

  • lawn maintenance

  • snow clearing

  • meals from local restaurants

  • providing a consolidated location where they can research medications and treatment protocols via links to reputable websites

  • enabling access to other service providers who can assist them with those needs not met by Normal Moments, Inc.


All services will be provided on a charitable basis without consideration of race, religion, financial need, or any requirement beyond the medical needs of the child.


Sandy with Tricia Fragen, giving her our donations in the time of COVID-19!